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COVID-19: The Most Urgent Topics For Healthcare Supply Chain

Collaborate, Strategize, & Share With Peers With Live Q&A on PPE, N95s, Work From Home, & More

The webinar’s original topic for March 25 was “Language Differences Between Clinicians & Supply Chain”. After reaching out to customers and having conversations with providers, we believe that addressing the most urgent topics related to the coronavirus is more helpful at this time.

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Curvo has partnered with Dr. Li Ern Chen

Dr. Chen is one of North America’s top experts in value and clinical experience. On March 25, Dr. Chen and Andy Perry discussed tips and strategies to help healthcare supply chain respond to COVID-19.

Webinar Topics

  • What are the latest PPE conservation strategies?
  • How are providers planning for COVID-19’s chronic phase?
  • What are some important supply chain considerations with the decrease in elective procedures?
  • What are your team/organization’s work from home strategies and staffing plans?
  • How are other providers leveraging community resources?

Special Thanks To

Andy Perry, MBA
Andy Perry, MBACurvo Labs CEO & Co-Founder
Li Ern Chen, MD, MCSC
Li Ern Chen, MD, MCSCSenior Healthcare Consultant