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Talk With A Customer

“Curvo allows us to collaborate more effectively. I can operate in a more transparent manner with physicians, clinicians, and senior leadership. We’re able to project and model scenarios right in front of them…It’s so self-operating, you don’t need a large supply chain team. A painless go-live.”

Alan WeintraubAlan Weintraub, Chief Procurement Officer and Director of Support Services, Enloe Medical Center
“Supply chain is drowning in data, but starving for information. Curvo does all the heavy lifting and identifies the items – and then it’s easy to go to the distributor or manufacturer to sort it out…I call Curvo my safety net.”
Ron Cail - UCLA HealthRon Cail, Assistant Director for Procurement & Strategic Sourcing, UCLA Health
“With the bigger partners, that (spend) analysis is usually lagging about 90 days behind where we are today. With Curvo, it’s done every time we submit a new monthly spend report.” Leslie Flick, Executive Director, Health Future.”
Leslie Flick, Executive Director, Health Future
“Curvo helped us reduce the number of spine implant vendors down to 2. We saved a tremendous amount of money, and the physicians were engaged & involved…they helped us identify opportunities where we might not have price parity within our hospitals.”
Ken Macon - TriHealthKen Macon, Strategic Sourcing Director, TriHealth

“With Curvo, now I feel I ALWAYS have a tool to find an opportunity. I always have ideas [for supply chain cost savings] to share with administrators & surgeons.”

Debbie Schmidt - Carle Foundation HospitalDebbie Schmidt, Director of Supply Chain Services, Carle Foundation Hospital

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