An independent third party interview with Todd Daniel, Materials Management Director at Baton Rouge General Medical Center.

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Summary of Business

Baton Rouge General Medical Center (BRGMC) has been focused on a strategic planning process to help navigate the changes ahead in healthcare. They take a multifaceted approach to supply chain management; they work with a couple different programs and groups in order to get the best pricing in the market.

With three facilities, face-to-face monthly meetings, and educational sessions, it’s time-consuming to discuss all the categories and narrow down opportunities to a single vendor. Also, the clinicians and surgeons often request new products that need to be negotiated and have to approve any change in product line.

What’s more, BRGMC does not have a warehouse of supplies; they rely on streamlined, just-in-time inventory. It’s a complex process.

Service Needs

Traditionally, it takes three to six months for BRGMC Materials Management Director, Todd Daniel, to do an RFP from a vendor or set of vendors. He wanted to go to market more easily and quickly. Also, price changes keep happening, and he had no mechanism to catch those as they happen. “It might be a small thing, like a box of room deodorizer. But when the price triples on that box, it’s a $10,000 annual price creep,” Mr. Daniel explained.

BRGMC needed an efficient way to see where they were paying too much for hundreds of products.

Curvo Solutions

Getting to Know Curvo

Mr. Daniel looked at three different solutions before choosing Curvo. Curvo provided all of the three strengths he was looking for:

  1. Ease of use: It had to be a simple, intuitive tool
  2. Speed: It shouldn’t be burdened with lots of features that get in the way of submitting an RFP quickly
  3. Proactive: The service should proactively push cost-saving opportunities to him, rather than wait for him to run reports

And the sales process? “No high-pressure sales tactics,” Mr. Daniel said. “They simply presented a product and said they’d be glad to take us on if we wanted.”

Exceptional Customer Service and Customization

Mr. Daniel quickly experienced how easy it was to communicate with Curvo and get exactly what he needed. “Customer service has been great,” Mr. Daniel said. “I can make any custom request. For example, I was meeting with my one of my vendors, and I was unable to pull the data we needed. I did a quick online chat with Curvo and they put a market basket together in 15 minutes. They are so flexible to be able to do things like that.”

Up and Running Faster than Expected

“It couldn’t have been easier [to get started with Curvo],” Mr. Daniel said. “It took maybe two hours of training with a simple webinar. I finished training at noon and submitted my first RFP at 2:30.”

Unlike Any Other Data Source

Mr. Daniel especially likes that he can do five to six RFPs on little things in less time than the bigger projects. The savings really add up. “Within the first 30 days,” Mr. Daniel said, “we were able to save enough to pay for the three-year [Curvo] subscription. We’re more than $250,000 [in savings] by using Curvo already.”

Curvo looks at data and benchmarks for even all the little things so that medical centers like BRGMC can submit better pricing.

Insight and Negotiating Leverage

Sometimes an opportunity might pop up on several traditional databases, but because of the complexity of the product line — hundreds of items — it’s difficult to figure out what to do about it. “We have a $120,000 opportunity with a biologics vendor, but I haven’t been able to figure out what to do about it,” Mr. Daniel said. With Curvo, “I was able to isolate it to just one vendor. Now we’re under negotiation, and it looks good. It’ll be over 25% in savings.”

Rapid Results With Minimal Effort

With a return on their investment in the first 30 days, Mr. Daniel and his CFO are impressed with the program. He’s recommending Curvo to all his colleagues. He has also talked to his trusted vendors to see how they feel about it. “Vendor said it feels fine,” he told us.

ROI Details

Curvo’s software helped BRGMC speed to value and success. With Curvo, they hit the ground running and were able to get to more than six sourcing events in 60 days, which saved more than $200,000. Specifically, Curvo helped:

  • Avoid $70,000 of “price creeps” with just one vendor, more than 25% of total spend
  • Achieve ROI in just 30 days
  • Save more than $250,000 in the first three and a half months

What does BRGMC appreciate the most? “Curvo is so cool because it is SO EASY,” Mr. Daniel said. “It tracks down hundreds of products to make sure I’m truly getting savings.”