Collaboration with clinicians starts with trustworthy clinical product data.


Deep and reliable data that can handle the specificity and complexity of clinical products with accuracy.

Clinicians need to go deeper than apples to apples comparisons. They need highly-relevant, like-for-like detailed comparisons of their data, while still being highly accurate and timely.

Strong clinical product data requires breadth across all procedural service lines, as well as depth into complex categories like orthopedics and cardiovascular. Curvo provides both breadth and depth of data to serve as the strong foundation for collaboration, innovation, and growth.

Automated, recurring enrichments that drive accuracy and fuel innovative clinical analysis.

Data Grooming & Normalization.

Cleanse and normalize your clinical product data with vendor information, part number, and detailed descriptions.

Supply Spend Enrichments

Match your PO data with GTIN, GMDN, product line, benchmarks, and savings opportunity enrichments.

Constructs and Procedures Enrichments

Understand all the components that make up a clinical construct by physician, procedure type and vendor and rebuild those same practice patterns at market benchmarks.

ONN Enrichments and GIC Classification

Leverage the most powerful classification system purpose-built for complex clinical parts and products.

Achieve accurate category views with a clinical product classification system that differentiates between coated or uncoated, revision or primary components, and accounts for size differences and material.

Curvo Difference

Fast answers that save time, power negotiations, inform new product research, and drive real savings.

See how St. Francis saved $256,000 in the first two weeks using Lookup.

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Data Enrichments That Drive Clinical Integration Ebook

The importance of data enrichments in enterprise data strategy for hospitals CIOs, supply chain leaders, clinical service line leaders, & healthcare data analysts.

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Upcoming Webinar: Data Integrity

The path towards supply chain resilience starts with quality data. The area that commonly has the highest variance is clinical supply data. This impedes the progress of every initiative, technology investment and innovative strategy. Supply Chain leaders in the nation's largest providers have seen enough to know that UNSPSC cannot solve this problem. It doesn't go deep enough to address the specificity needs of implants and clinical products.

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Visit the Orthopedic Network News website to learn about the subscriptions available for the newsletter and Find A Part.


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