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Create a common canvas to share data with clinicians and service line leaders

Clinicians are hungry for utilization and practice pattern data, but it takes manual work to make it usable. Providers and clinicians are ready to move away from one-off savings work. They want to have engaging conversations with flexible and repeatable analytics that tell stories built on top of trustworthy data.

Understand not only the high-level case cost analysis but also the detailed procedure and construct analysis by service lines to facilitate data-driven conversations with the clinicians to confidently make the best clinical spend decisions.

Category Analytics

  • See your spend, your way with flexible categorization
  • Easily configure spend categories to your supply chain needs.
  • Review current information on utilization across all procedural service lines and major PPI categories.

Procedure & Construct Analytics

  • Monitor clinical supply cost, utilization, practice pattern changes, and price performance in key procedures and constructs.
  • Drive physician engagement, clinical integration, and stakeholder buy-in with the best component and construct linkage in healthcare.

Orthopedic & Cardiovascular Construct Analytics

  • Provide data that clinicians are hungry to see.
  • Identify practice patterns and utilization changes that drive up costs in Spine, Total Joints and Trauma.

Price Creep & Parity Analytics

  • Automatically monitor and identify opportunities for savings from clinical supply items that have fallen off contract, items with a significant price increase, or disparity across facilities.
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See how St. Francis saved $256,000 in the first two weeks using Lookup.

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Data Enrichments That Drive Clinical Integration Ebook

The importance of data enrichments in enterprise data strategy for hospitals CIOs, supply chain leaders, clinical service line leaders, & healthcare data analysts.

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Upcoming Webinar: Data Aggregation: Building Negotiating Power

Our guest, Tony Gribble, VP Operations of Vanderbilt Health Purchasing Collaborative, will share how a strategic focus on data aggregation helped leverage the full purchasing power of their membership for greater negotiating strength, improved pricing and supply chain agility. Large health systems and large collaboratives struggle with aggregating data from facilities that are using disparate technology solutions, taxonomies, and processes. This makes analysis time-consuming, tedious, and costly. In many cases, data is left out because it cannot be matched. That means the analysis of purchasing power, market share, and price performance is limited to only a portion of the data set.

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