Forrest Health Success Story

Health System Overview

Forrest General is the flagship hospital of Forrest Health, a regional health system that includes five hospitals and three specialty facilities—Pine Grove Behavioral Health and Addiction Services, The Orthopedic Institute, and the Forrest General Cancer Center. The hospital is a 512-bed county hospital with a level II regional trauma center and serves a 19-county market in south Mississippi.

Summary of Clinical Spend Service Needs

Being a county hospital with multiple facilities and one primary purchasing department brings its own set of challenges to clinical spend management and cost initiatives. A county hospital is bound by state purchasing laws and needs to do extra steps like advertise bids and receive second quotes, especially if something is not on a GPO.

Forrest General needed an easier and less manual way to initiate cost savings for not only medical supplies but also capital and services.

The Curvo Solutions

Doris Vaughn has been using Curvo regularly for a little less than a year, and offers this advice for her colleagues who manage clinical spend at other health systems and hospitals. “If you think you are using an RFP tool now and it will compare [to Curvo], there is no comparison at all,” she says.

Here are the differences she highlighted.

The Curvo Difference
Tremendous Value and Fast ROI “For about the same price, or even less [than consultants and other software solutions], what Curvo provides is a better upfront value and better ROI. They offer complete service assistance to us and our vendors.”
Flexibility “Curvo is typically used for supplies. I asked, ‘Can we look at service too?’ We had a service agreement that was up for renewal on drill maintenance and some disposables. We wound up saving $120,000. Curvo also helped us with capital, which saves us almost $150,000 more than we had budgeted.”
Excellent customer service “Everything I’ve asked them to do, they say ‘Yes.’ Can you help us with this or that? The answer is always ‘Yes.’”
Online chat “I know from experience, the large companies are not as flexible or as available as Curvo. I can online chat with Curvo and get what I need.”
Automate RFPs “Curvo is an easier way to to send out an RFP for pricing and for vendors to respond. It shortens the project lifecycle so we get more savings faster.”
More than RFP automation “We are using Curvo for a lot of different things other than supply RFPs. They are very good about rating and analyzing a current agreement and showing us what we need for specifications.”
Product and vendor analysis “It’s easier with Curvo to give clinicians a product and vendor analysis. And it’s easier for the clinicians to compare products and decide which vendor to select.”
Save time on manual labor “We used to do all of this manually: pull reports and send comparative reports to vendors and wait for their response, and then we have to do the match ourselves. Curvo saves us time and shortens the initiative.”
Consolidate usage “Curvo consolidates usage, instead of showing various POs or lines per catalog number. It is much easier for the vendors to provide analysis when usage is consolidated and our department does have to do the work.”
Unrestricted vendor options “Curvo does not charge vendors, so there are more vendors who are apt to participate, which means more cost savings opportunities.”
Medical product knowledge “Curvo is very knowledgable about the medical products and categories and how they compare and are used — very unusual.”
In-product market comparison “The others don’t have benchmarking right in the tool itself. This alone has helped us request lower pricing and save.”

The Results

Ms. Vaughn says she’s most happy with Curvo because of the value for the money. Curvo’s flexibility, online chat, product and category knowledge, and usage consolidation make the company stand above the rest. “There’s just no comparison,” she repeated.

And her colleagues? “They talk ‘Curvo this and Curvo that’ all the time,” she tells us. “We bring the summary RFP reports to our regular value analysis meeting. My colleagues know we would not have achieved as much of saving, and would not bring the initiatives as quickly without Curvo.

“It’s an easier way to review and capture savings, easier for vendors to respond, and less work for our department overall,” Ms. Vaughn says.

ROI Details

In less than a year, Curvo has helped save more than $568,000 on:

  • Neuromaintenance and disposals
  • Hemostasis and sealants
  • Surgical energy
  • Cranial supplies
  • Services and maintenance
  • Capital

More than half a million dollars saved on clinical spend, capital, and services with less work? We love this health system success story. We encourage you to use this list of Curvo differences when you choose your next clinical spend management solution.