COVID-19 Resources

At Curvo, we have taken steps to refocus our resources in light of the coronavirus (covid-19) pandemic. Some of the changes we have made include:

  1. Asking customers how we can help. We reached out to our customers to see how we can lend a hand. We asked them what their biggest concerns are – and how we can help them by leveraging our data and software.
  2. Pausing outbound marketing. A pandemic is not the best time to call or email prospects, especially when they’re responsible for supply chain functions. We would rather be helpful rather than distracting from the crisis at hand.
  3. Going fully remote. Our employees are spread out in different cities and countries from San Diego to Spain and beyond. So most of us were already used to working from home. But it was a new reality for the subset that works in the office in Evansville, IN and Indianapolis, IN to do so full time.
  4. Daily team check-ins. Usually, we have a company-wide call once a week on Fridays – and each team has their own weekly call. Now, we have an additional daily meeting that is optional at the end of the day for all of us to get together and voice any frustrations or ideas.
  5. Hackathon. After reaching out to customers, we thought that a hackathon would be a good way to collaborate internally to identify how we can better use our data and serve it to our customers.
  6. Accelerated the launch of Lookup. We’re expanding limited-time free access to Lookup by Curvo, our new unbiased clinical product research and market pricing solution built for hospital supply chain and value analysis professionals.