Insights into Orthopedic Trauma

Trauma cases present unique challenges for value analysis and supply chain leaders. One has to do with how trauma is purchased. The other with the lack of visibility to how many cases and how many components per case. A trauma case can include plates & screws, hip fixation components, external fixation, instruments, and IM nails. With so much data input, the burden of analyzing trauma cases may feel insurmountable.

Stan Mendenhall, Editor of Orthopedic Network News, has been researching and reporting annually on clinical products related to trauma since 1991. By recognizing the causes of orthopedic trauma for different types of fractures, Stan believes that we can begin to understand how trauma data is being reported.

Webinar Takeaways:
– Understanding of how trauma data is often reported
– Causes of orthopedic trauma for different types of fractures
– How mechanisms of trauma affect the implants used and their cost differences
– The latest trends in hospital trauma usage
– Bridging the data analysis gap between orthopedic trauma surgeons and supply chain

Be The Physician’s First Strategic Call: How Data Enrichments in Total Joints Transform Supply Chain’s Role

Getting buy-in from physicians may feel like a constant challenge for supply chain and value analysis leaders. But what if it wasn’t? What if – instead of the physician going to the supplier first – they called you? What if the surgeon – instead of calling you with a frustration about limited inventory or lack of availability of a certain supply – called you for your strategic insights related to the value of their procedures and cost improvements? This is already what’s happening for Andy Willis and the supply chain team at University of California Health.

Webinar Takeaways:
– What data elements are available to healthcare providers
– How data enrichments can be used to drive strategic initiatives and stay agile
– How data enrichments can be used to successfully engage clinicians and find common language between finance, supply chain, and clinical team members

How Quick Search Resolves Price Transparency Challenges for Clinical Supply Chain

If healthcare supply chain teams had a wishlist, price transparency would be at the very top. They need to quickly decode medical device attributes and pricing insights as they prepare for a committee meeting or analyze a contract file. Another challenge is having to dig up product recalls, approval routes, and adverse events. And it gets even more frustrating when GPO benchmarking tools don’t return any enrichments or price transparency.

In this webinar, we explore:
1. The price transparency challenges facing healthcare supply chain
2. How to use enrichments to supercharge your decision-making & contract analysis
3. Examples of how price transparency pays off in operational savings & new product negotiations

The webinar featured guest Ben Peyronnin, Product Manager at Curvo, as well as a panel of healthcare supply chain professionals: Laurel Kent (Health Future), Steven Kirk (Saint Francis Healthcare System), and JP Peltier (Saint Francis Healthcare System).

The Latest Orthopedic Trends in Shoulders & Ankles (& How to Leverage Them)

During this webinar on 2/24/21, we were joined by Stan Mendenhall and Jake Titzer. Whether supply chain professionals are undergoing a contract initiative in shoulders and ankles or simply want to stay up to date on trends, they need to know how their clinical spend data compares to other providers. Do you have visibility to spend at a granular level for total ankle replacements? What about shoulder implants? How competitive are your supplier prices in these categories? How does your performance compare to the providers in the Curvo Research Network?

Watch this session on demand to learn more about the trends in shoulders and ankles.

Fuel Higher Contract Yields: How changing “construct” catalog habits can save your bottom line

During this webinar on 1/27, we were joined by Brad Nash. Brad brings his decades of experience in healthcare to reveal practical ways your team can level the playing field with the competing aspects of the supply chain environment. During the 60min session, we discussed how pricing and product enrichment at the component level can strengthen your item catalog, gain buy-in with physicians, help level-up your negotiations, and culturally evolve from “Let’s Make a Deal” to “This IS the deal”.

Watch this session on demand to learn more about the merits of converting from a capped purchase model to a component one.

Reactive to Proactive: Leverage Agile Sourcing Work Plans for Better Savings

During this webinar on 12/16, we were joined by Bob Slesinski, Strategic Sourcing & Contract Manager – Perioperative Services at Carle Foundation Hospital. We discussed how the ongoing covid19 pandemic is driving the need to be more agile than ever in healthcare supply chain, how agile methodology can be applied to supply chain (especially for the savings work plan), where to start with an agile work plan, and how should market conditions, practice patterns, and physician changes inform the work plan.

Watch this session on demand to learn more about sourcing work plan best practices, templates, and implementation success stories.

The Power of Orthopedic Data Enrichments in Driving Value & Perspective

During this webinar on 9/15, we were joined by guests Stan Mendenhall, Editor of Orthopedic Network News, Jake Titzer, Healthcare Analyst at Curvo, and Kelley Young, former Supply Chain Clinical Informatics Director at Trinity Health.

We dove into the top challenges with orthopedic data and the different levels of analysis. Additionally, Stan and Jake shared use cases for driving value & perspective with orthopedic data enrichments – and Kelley shared her experience with integration for clinical data to drive enterprise strategy.

How Monument Health Streamlined Their Sourcing & Saved $1.7M+

During this webinar on 8/11/2020, we addressedop 3 sourcing challenges for healthcare supply chain teams. We were joined by Brad Haupt, Vice President of Supply Chain & Contract Management for Monument Health, as he shares how Monument Health leveraged Curvo’s custom categories to save more than $1.7M.

Brad has over 27 years of experience in healthcare supply chain, which began with the United States Air Force. He has an intense desire to help others realize their full potential and positively contribute to the community and to organizational goals. This desire has provided clear focus for his work. His strong leadership skills and experience helped his team develop a world class offsite distribution system serving 35,000 square miles.

Price Creep Management Tips For Healthcare Supply Chain With Guest Ron Cail (UCLA Health)

During this webinar on 6/30/2020, we addressed price creep challenges facing supply chain teams at healthcare organizations and reviewed price creep management tips. We were joined by Ron Cail as he shares how UCLA Health has been leveraging Curvo to create efficiencies in cost saving identification, as well as recent price creep success stories.

Ron is a Masters prepared healthcare professional with over 30 years of experience in supply chain, logistics and finance. He currently is Assistant Director for Procurement & Strategic Sourcing at UCLA Health where he serves as Director of Strategic Sourcing and leads Sourcing and cost savings initiatives for Peri-Operative Services.

COVID-19: The Most Urgent Topics For Healthcare Supply Chain

Dr. Li Ern Chen joined us for a discussion on March 25, 2020 to address these topics:

  • What are the latest PPE conservation strategies?
  • How are providers planning for COVID-19’s chronic phase?
  • What are some important supply chain considerations with the decrease in elective procedures?
  • What are your team/organization’s work from home strategies and staffing plans?
  • How are other providers leveraging community resources?

The 2018 ONN Spine Issue Highlights

The 2018 Spine Issue is now available. If you’re not an ONN subscriber, catch the highlights in this exclusive on-demand webcast featuring Stan Mendenhall, Publisher of Orthopedic Network News.

The Beat on Cardiac Rhythm Management Sourcing

Expert insights on fostering collaborative relationships with clinicians from Supply Chain Management departmental leadership at Harris Health System.

Key Connections for Total Joints Sourcing – Part 2

Dr. Jonathon Spanyer, Orthopedic Surgeon at OrthoCincy, reviews a recent sourcing event at St. Elizabeth’s Health System and the real-life clinical approach and strategy to contracting in this category. Dr. Spanyer shares his expert clinical insights on how supply chain can work with clinical business leaders for a winning outcome.

Orthopedic Network News – Trauma Issue 2018

Stan Mendenhall, Editor and Publisher of Orthopedic Network News, shares clinical sourcing highlights from the April 2018 Trauma newsletter including the worldwide trauma market, tibial extension stem usage in primary knees, and 2018 trauma category price comparisons.

Key Connections for Total Joints Sourcing – Part 1

Bruce Kavanaugh, Director of Materials Management at New Hanover Regional Medical Center, shares his approach and strategy on a recent total joints contracting cycle. Hear a surgeon’s perspective through a Q&A with Dr. Jonathon Spanyer, orthopedic surgeon at OrthoCincy.

The New Wave of Interventional Radiology Sourcing

Nuances of sourcing interventional radiology products featuring Dr. Randy Scherer, Chief Scientific Officer at Kirkwood Scherer Capital Ventures and surgeon perspective from Dr. Philip Orons, Chief of Interventional Radiology at UPMC. 

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